Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Market Board All Red Today

Market update for September 13th GMT/UDT

by Nanakins

Yesterday's pleasant market is gone - it lasted one day. Today's just the opposite of an Upgrade Day, I guess. I don't have any sort of name for it. I hope you stocked up. Today, we have 3 extremely high commodities, 3 very high ones, and one that is just above average.

On the bright side, at least we can afford to buy food again!

Woven Fur, the core of those new Stargazer Shops, has taken the predicted jump in price. I expect it to get higher.

And alas, the Red Ink Report is not going to be short today.

Here's how the prices chalk up until the stroke of midnight GMT/UDT:

Today's Market Price Board

Price per 1,000Buying Position
Rock720Extremely High
Stones4,720Very High
Wood800Extremely High
Lumber7,630Very High
Food940Bit Above Average
Fur1,490Very High
Woven Fur8,210Extremely High

The Red Ink Report for this 24 Hour Period

The following basic stores will lose money if you purchase your resources from the market at today's prices. The number in parenthesis is how many items in the shop's stock are affected.
Tool Store (1)
Supply Store (1)
Clothing Store (3)
Sculpture Store (3)
Furniture Store (3)
Terra Trainers (3)
Art Store (3)
Tux Store (2)
Woodwind Store (1)
Hiking Store (3)
Canoe Store (1)
Fine China Store (3)

Be careful out there, friends!

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